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WASSP data examples | See image gallery | Rena cargo vessel accident

Using the WASSP on our own demonstration vessel has allowed oceanDTM to test the systems capabilities and gain invaluable experience in system integration such as RTK GPS tidal corrections in real-time.

WASSP installations | Permanent or portable mounts                                 

Small enough to be installed on a temporary mount and robust enough to be permanently installed on the hull of high-speed vessels, the WASSP provides a multitude of fitting options.

WASSP  multibeam sonar system

Once only available to hydrographic survey operators, multibeam is now an economical alternative to single-beam or sidescan. Integrating with the Olex software system, the WASSP sonar now lets you collect very high resolution seabed information (<10 cm accuracy) without the need for expensive and time-consuming post processing. You walk off the boat at the end of each day with a 3D dataset that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Complete WASSP System Complete WASSP System