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Costing less than £20,000, it is now possible to collect high quality seabed data, in a simple and cost effective way, with the WASSP WMB160F multi-beam echo sounder.

Better marine mapping

There is now a real alternative to the “high-end” multibeam systems for those wishing to collect useful seabed information.

The WASSP multibeam covers an area of around 4 times the water-depth in a single pass. So a vessel operating in 30 m of water will map a 3D track of the seabed over 100 m wide, in one go, at speeds up to 15 knots.  See demo video.

The WASSP has 112 sonar beams and interfaces with the Olex plotter system for robust and straight-forward operation.

Complete fit-out of WASSP system on FPV Watchful.

Latest WASSP installation:  

What’s new

We supply not just the WASSP and Olex hardware but also the expertise to use them. From complete installation on a vessel through to training and consultancy.

About oceanDTM              

Based on more than a decades’ experience in marine geophysics and geology, oceanDTM will provide a complete service to

assist with understanding and

mapping the marine environment.

Case studies ranging from research

vessels to glaciers are available.

Containers from grounded cargo vessel Rena located.

WASSP maps accident:  

New WASSP videos:  

See the latest examples of WASSP data and its use.

Our survey vessel Night Star    

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