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Olex demo videos

These videos have been created to demonstrate the many and varied capabilities of the Olex plotter software. In addition to it’s interface with the WASSP sonar the Olex also has a vast repository of shared seabed bathymetry from commercial vessels and many advanced mapping options from ground-type to water-current mapping.

Olex seagrass mapping| Map the distribution and height of seagrass

Using a Kongsberg ES60 (or equivalent) it is possible to map out the distribution and height of seagrass (or any other similar marine vegetation).  This is done by looking at the sonar signal and subtracting the depth of the first detected return from the stronger seabed return.

Olex global bathymetry | Demonstration of navigating bathymetry data

The Olex global bathymetric database is the largest “crowd-sourced” seabed resource in the world. Built up over more than a decade by contributions from thousands of vessels all over the world from Arctic to the Antarctic.

Olex AIS| Advanced AIS  and depth data transfer between vessels

The Olex plotter software allows you to make best use of your AIS.  It intelligently displays the data from other boats and calculates collision risk. Two boats working together can even transfer depth data in real-time to double your mapping power.

Water current mapping| Use standard navigation equipment -map currents

Using standard navigation equipment (GPS, heading sensor and speed log) the Olex will calculate the residual current acting on the vessel and map this over a complete tidal cycle.

Olex water-column target detection | Buoy chain mapping in real-time

Combining the WASSP sonar and Olex 3D plotter it is possible to detect and map out features in the water-column in teal-time. This allows the mapping of fish-schools or obstructions such as anchor-chains, moorings and buoys.